Localisation: Finlande, Helsinki
Activité: 1986 –
Genre: Sleaze Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock

Nights Are So Long (1987)
Not Fakin’ It (1989)
Peace Of Mind (1996)
Life Gets You Dirty (1999)
Take Them and Break Them (2002)
Watcha Want (2003)
Another Night In the Sun: Live in Helsinki (live album) (2010)
Sensory Overdrive (2011)
Horns and Halos (2013)
Blackout States (2015)
One Man Gang (2019)
I Live Too Fast To Die Young (2022)

Avec Steve Stevens:
Jerusalem Slim (1992)

Avec Sam Yaffa et Nasty Suicide:
Demolition 23 (1995)

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