Les sorties de 2 Cd sont prévues pour fin juin, courant juillet.

Tout d’abord la réédition tant attendu de « Non Stop Rock » et le nouvel album de LONDON dont vous aurez le titre en exclu mondial : « Metal Nations ».

Voici le message que m’a envoyé Nadir, le chanteur :

It’s down to the final pictures and new unseen surprises inside from original sessions and artwork. I’m also are tweaking some audio mastering it or just adding some control of the beef. It’s coming and it’s going to be really cool and there’s going to be in New London album right next to it because that’s when it’s going to be available when this one’s done and this one’s done by the end of next month. Maybe you can start a buzz on it and help me let everyone know about our new album titled “METAL NATIONS” FYI you’re the first person I told the name of the new album with so you know. You can also tell the bootleggers out there that we also going to be l👀king for anyone stealing from us. Stay to Nikko🤘🏻